October 18, 2007

Ethiopian Roller Coasters

I doubt they have many roller coasters in Ethiopia. But we have had our share just in the past week. Last Wednesday I talked with our agency and they said it would be 5-7 months from referral to travel. This after we expected 7 weeks! So we were upset, disappointed, and frustrated once again with the process.

But after deciding to continue with the program, we sent in our Ethiopia dossier last Friday to our agency. They will review, make copies, send to the state dept. for certification, and then ultimately send to Ethiopia.

Yesterday we had an unexpected call from the director of the Ethiopia program. She said that she talked with those in Ethiopia and 5-7 months did indeed seem too long to them! It would be more like 1-3 months!

Yippee! So we could possibly be headed to Ethiopia at the beginning of next year, as we had hoped. Better start getting those shots. We actually did start the Hep A/B series Tuesday, and the Yellow Fever shot. I hate shots - but I hate blood work more. But it's better than getting sick when we travel.

Next step for the adoption is to wait for our agency to get approval from Ethiopia. Then they will begin the matching! It really is getting close, and could possibly happen in October, although more realistically in November. Probably while we're on our South America cruise!

Landon's doctor also called last night as well to tell us his blood counts were high and he also does not have mono. So happy cheers all around! She said to just bring him in for a check up in a couple weeks if the swelling has not gone down.

Have you been praying for us lately? This is all too good to be true. Of course it's wonderful to have friends and family to count on. At tennis yesterday with my good friend comforting me, our tennis coach said he would say some prayers for Landon. He said, in his inner-city way, "me and God are tight. We have a relationship, you know what I mean. I'll do some serious praying that Landon will be all right. Just release it into his hands. Then let's play some tennis". I then went on to play some of my best tennis ever.

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