October 16, 2007

Traumatic Day

Today I took James to the doctor after his neck was hurting for the past couple days. They gave us a med student whom asked all kinds of thorough yet annoying questions. I tried to be patient but then she felt a bump beneath his ear and said, "did you notice that bump?!" I told her no, and then asked her what she thought it was. "I don't know! We'll have to ask the doctor!" I suddenly felt like I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy where they were hoping it was something very interesting to take a look at.

Well I was freaked. I instantly thought it was some sort of cancerous cyst. I was crying and they weren't much help. James had to have blood taken and that was horrible. He just laid there covering his face with tears streaming out saying, "it hurts, it hurts". We'll get the results for I-don't-know-what in a day or two.

So if that wasn't enough, Lee and I had our turn coming. We had an appointment with a travel clinic to start our shots for travel to Ethiopia. It's as if we actually think it may happen someday - we may adopt. Really. So we need to get our Hep A/B shots started because they are a 3 part series that take over 6 months to complete. I wanted to be strong but I was scared. Still after what James had gone through that day, I had nothing to complain about. Lee and I had 2 shots each in our right arm - yellow fever and Hep A/B combo. Mine still hurts. I don't like shots, but I dislike having blood taken much more.

So after talking the day through with Lee tonight and him trying to reassure me that everything was find with James, I recycled through the last few days, trying to think through the many bumps and bruises and injuries James had incurred.

I now remember him hitting his neck on the banister for the stairs in the basement! Relief, high fives, I've never been so excited and happy about any injury of his. But I really think this was it. He just has a goose egg or inflammation/swelling from hitting the banister-end that day.

The whole emotional day just made me wonder if I really am prepared to have this much feeling stirred up in me. Are we ready to have this times 2, or possibly times 3? Sometimes this mom stuff is WAY more than I bargained for. It's so much caring!! :-)

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