October 25, 2007

Good Morning from the Hospital

We are sitting here watching morning cartoons. James is on par for spilling his juice all over his bed. Good thing they will change it soon.

James' neck is still swollen and I don't think it has reduced much in size. But it seems not as tender to the touch, and he can turn his head to look to the right, which is much better than before. At one point it was as if he had a neck brace on.

Talked with James' pediatrician just now. He says he will keep us until after the 12 o'clock antibiotic and then probably be released. So that means we'll be home by 5. It takes a while for the whole release procedure.

Thanks to all of you, our support here in Baltimore, and those who we can't see but are saying prayers for us and checking in. Although it hasn't been a serious illness...

Okay, I knew once I wrote this last line, I was asking for it. James' pediatrician just called again. He's speaking with the head of infectious diseases here at Hopkins, someone who trained him. They recommended the same oral antibiotic we had used with no progress last week. So they will take a look at him today and see what they think before releasing him.

Now my only concern is that since we are at a research hospital that they are using him as research and they won't just wait to see if it will go down on its own. I guess they take everything seriously. Big breath.

Stay tuned...

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