November 4, 2007

Back to Normal

We have been back into a routine at home. James is going to school as usual and we've seen the doctor at least a couple times. His neck is back to normal again, thank goodness. The doctor said he was very happy with it now.

We leave on our cruise this week! Lee is so anxious to have a much-needed and long-timing coming vacation. It will be for 2 weeks.

Lots of cleaning and packing to do!

Also, today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary! We have a babysitter tonight and we're going to a new Ethiopian restaurant in town. There are also new movies theaters downtown that I'd like to try out sometime.

Speaking of Ethiopia, Holt is still in process of getting approval for adoptions from the Ethiopian government. Hopefully sometime in November. They have already taken in children to their crisis center. So that is a good sign that things are progressing. They said the need is so great there that they did that as soon as they could.

So all the means that we are still holding out hope to get our referral by the end of the year. I'm now hoping sometime in December.

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