November 9, 2007

We May Be Getting Close...

Yesterday, I phoned our agency to let them know we would be gone over the next couple weeks on vacation. It was really just an excuse to call, since I never want to harass them. We hadn't heard much on the adoption, although in their last email update they stated that they had taken children into their crisis center for care. There is such a great need there with only 2 doctors for approximately 85,000 people! Can you imagine? We call our own doctor on a weekly basis these days it seems.

So upon speaking with them, they gave indication that there is a possibility that we may hear something indeed in the next couple weeks, and to let her know how to contact us!

Not sure what all this means, but this is the closest we have gotten to being united with our daughter. While we try to be cautious about our excitement, we are thinking about it nonstop. Even this morning already Lee called and asked if we had heard anything from Holt!

So please pray for us that we will be matched soon with our daughter. Or daughters! That's right - we are still in for twins, although we don't think that will most likely happen.

It has been a very long road for us on this adoption journey and we are ready to finally see whom our new family member will be. Oh boy, I can't believe it may actually be happening.

So we will travel 1-3 months after we are matched. We will wait during that time for a court date on our child, and then an embassy appointment, at which we will be present. Also, we have decided to take Landon with us. So we're getting all of our shots in line now.

Dancing the happy dance... and looking forward to vacation (you can bet we'll be checking our email each day from the cruise ship).

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