December 1, 2007

It's Fractured

We're back! We had a great time on the cruise, seeing Columbia, The Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. One of our favorite places was Santiago, Chile. It could be because we spent the longest there, deciding to take a bump on the airline and stay an extra night before flying home. It gave us a chance to talk with the Chileans and explore more of Santiago.

So back to the cruise, James hurt his clavicle while on the ship. It was around day 5, going through The Panama Canal. We weren't sure of the damage but as the trip went on we noticed a smallish bump and he favored it all the time. A few times the staff on the ship would pick him up under his arm and he would cry out in pain. We took him to the ship doctor twice and she did do an x-ray. It was so dark you couldn't hardly see anything, and she said if it were broken, he would be screaming out in pain when she pressed on it.

So fast forward to yesterday, a visit to our pediatrician at his request, and after a good x-ray... it's fractured. You an see it plain as day in the x-ray.

We're trying to have him take it easy today and rest. Ha ha. Not in his vocabulary. He has no slow or even medium speed, running from place to place, picking up heavy things, jumping on beds, climbing up the stairs. It's going to be a challenge. We do have a sling, which he hates. But we'll try to keep it on him. Last night he charged up the stairs, wearing it like a backpack.

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  1. Wow-what a year for little James.
    Glad you enjoyed the cruise, can't wait to hear details. I have some books to return to you as well.
    See you soon!


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