December 26, 2007

Our Merry Christmas

The little church did not disappoint, beautifully lit by candlelight. James was busy making pictures for a little girl behind us. Did I mention he likes little girls? Especially blond ones like this one was.

Showing off his Transformer T-Shirt. He's a big fan, although we won't let him watch the movie. Honestly, he doesn't really know a movie exists.

The Pulley. It is a BIG attraction, hung in the hallway so he can carry heavy stuff up for us from downstairs to upstairs. Kind of like they do in Amsterdam. :-)

Our fabulous steak and lobster dinner. We just discovered a new tradition for sure! We ate by candlelight with our nice tablecloth (from France). It was just so good.

James' only disappointment was that he got the Power Ranger mask in addition to the Transformer he asked for from Santa. "Ohhhhhh.." he said, "I was going to ask for this for next Christmas". Ah, the dilemmas of a 3 year old.

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