December 27, 2007

School Christmas Pageant

James was Joseph in the school play. He really took the role seriously, telling us how Mary and Joseph weren't really married. When he first got asked to be Joseph, he said, "Well, who's gonna be Mary?". He's very careful about these decisions you know. I guess he must have thought Sophia made a good Mary because he went through with it. She was sweet, as were all the children. They looked great in the costumes we made for the play. Just simple robes in different colors. Very long but tied up with yarn belts.

Giggling with his friend David...
Thinking he's ninja Joseph...

Here with Miss LuAnn, his teacher (in red)...

The big production. They told the story, sang a couple songs, came back up for prayers from Pastor Robinson, and then were given gifts to take home. James mainly just stood up there, in his own world, giggling and playing with his cane/shepherd's hook.

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