January 5, 2008


This is James' latest song that he keeps repeating: "Transformers, more than eats the eyes. Transformers, robots in the sky (with a really high pitch on the end there for emphasis". We've been hearing this over and over today. Love it, and Lee and I can't help but turn away and smile.

James has also been reading us stories from his books, and uses such words as "wondrous", "especially", and phrases like "at some point" and "by the way". Oh, and lots of rhymes as he plays along with his cars/markers/toys. Funny things happening in our household.

He has a cold today. It's so hard to keep him still as he only has super fast speed and then crash speed. But if he gets going too much, he starts coughing to the point of gagging. Poor little guy.

We're gearing up to go to Oregon - only 5 more days!

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