January 9, 2008

No More Fever

James is finally well - after days of staying down with a fever, throwing up, and a horrible cough. Now I'm realizing why fevers exist - to keep you down. He needed to rest and he got plenty of it over the last days. We haven't left the house for 3 days, except for the doctors yesterday. He, the doctor, did a test for strep and it came back negative.

Now we prepare to leave tomorrow morning for Oregon! Looking forward to seeing family and friends. James is excited to spend time with cousins, and we will both get to meet our new cousin Vu! What a special time that will be.

I hope to take a break from all the TV watching that I've subjected onto James. He's singing songs from Chicken Little like, "Do you wanna be my lover". It's really quite funny out in public. I hear him singing it when he's in his own world, just bobbing his head to it. We get a great laugh from and with him every day.

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