January 21, 2008

We're Back!

James and I returned from Oregon late last night. We slept in late and are now adjusting to the time zone.

It's very cold here so we stayed in today but will venture out to do some grocery shopping and playing tennis for me tomorrow.

We had a great time in Oregon visiting friends and family. Thank you everyone for always welcoming us. I wish Daddy could have gone too but not enough vacation, since he is saving it for Ethiopia.

Speaking of Ethiopia, I get many questions about when it will happen. We don't have any more news, except that I think it will be March at the earliest when we get our referral. I plan to call Holt again tomorrow to ask more questions, such as, "can we expect matching to happen monthly?"

Meanwhile we work on the dresses. Thanks to my mom, we now have about 15. My goal is to make 100 dresses to take with us for the orphanage. Home-made dresses. Quite a goal. Maybe if I get those done, we will actually get our referral.

It will be 3 years of adoption process for us in June. So we have set this as a deadline for the adoption. Hopefully we will have good news soon!

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