February 18, 2008

It's days like today that I realize home-schooling is not in our future. I like the idea of home-schooling in some ways. But now I realize those are the same ways in that I like red wine and snowboarding, which is a continual joke in our house. I like the idea of it, but not the actuality.

James is needy today. Needy and whiny and I'm afraid I'm not being the best mother. I have played Uno with him, gone to the park, done a craft. Still, when I try to gather myself for a couple minutes to order his birthday invites, he is demanding more of my attention to the point I cannot even think.

A friend once declared in a moment of desperation, "I need more tools". That's how I feel today. I need more tools. Tools to build confidence in James, tools to get him to self-play more, and tools to keep my sanity.

Any ideas?

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