February 14, 2008

Waiting... But getting closer

It's so tough to wait. At night I wake up and think about our future daughter, if she is born yet, what she looks like. My thoughts are all scattered, and I dwell on it as if thinking about it harder will suddenly make it all clear.

Lately I've begun to realize that we need to prepare ourselves. We have to think about specifics such as where will she sleep? Where will we put her clothes? Will we be prepared for the lack of sleep again?

There are so many things that are different this time around. Different in the pregnancy stage, but I need to remind myself that it will not be different in some ways when we have her in our arms. We will still be up in the middle of the night preparing bottles, soothing, rocking (Oh, maybe we need a rocker!). When you're pregnant you are constantly reminded due to the physical change in your body. You know our belly can only get so big and then your baby will come out. You have trouble sleeping towards the end from being uncomfortable.

Well now that I write this there are more similarities than I thought. Maybe God is trying to prepare us in some ways (sleep issues) and the constant thinking about it all.

I just heard that our agency made another referral - I believe it was for a baby girl. What does this all mean? I think this means that we are now #2 on the wait list for a baby girl! What?! I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it. This is really, really going to happen. We will be parents again. We will hold a baby in our arms again and James will have a sibling. If I'm this excited now, what about when we get our referral? I told Lee he should always carry his cell phone with him, just like an expecting Dad. I want him to be the first to know of course.

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  1. Thanks for directing me to your blog! I am enjoying reading it, and your dresses are just too cute!


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