March 25, 2008

100 Dresses!

I just finished sewing up dress #100! I cannot believe the energy and love from everyone that made this possible. Thank you so much!

I plan on taking a picture of all of them soon and I will post it on here. They are all so adorable and I cannot wait to see the care center's reaction when we give the dresses to them.

I have a few more that are in progress so we should end up with 105 total. I may keep one for our little girl too.

I also plan on ordering labels to sew into each of them. The labels will have our daughter's Ethiopian name on them. Thus, I have to wait on this until we get a referral!

Speaking of referral, no news this week. Hopefully next week we should hear something...


  1. congratulations on your 100th dress! I admire your dedication!

  2. Thank you!! They are all so cute and it feels good to reach a goal. Now onto more projects!

  3. 100 dresses! Hope this means you get that referral soon!


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