March 22, 2008

91 Dresses

I have just finished the 91st dress! There are about 11 more in progress. I have to say I will be glad to get these done. I have so many other projects in my mind that are bursting to come to fruition.

Plus, I think my sewing machine is wounded. Stupid cheap-ruffler-foot-I-tried-to-cut-corners- and-buy-a-knock-off-one-on-eBay. It broke twice and now I think it may have bent the needle threader part on the machine. I may have to take it to the sewing machine doctor soon.

We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning and had a great brunch with great friends. I made a quiche with my new quiche pans which I love. Tomorrow for Easter we'll go to church and relax (and sew) the rest of the day. We'll be sad we can't be with family but look forward to a reunion at some point soon.

The tulips are finally sprouting around here. Someone planted thousands in our park along the paths. What a surprising treat as we watch James ride his new bike.

Here's a picture from last Easter, when James was obsessed with garbage trucks. This year it's Transformers and the garbage men are wondering why they didn't get invited to his birthday party.

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