May 11, 2008

Boot Camp

I've been doing Boot Camp over in the park the last week with some other moms and ladies from the neighborhood. It's very GI Jane, especially in the pouring rain.

Lee is starting a men's boot camp later this month. James wants a kids boot camp. So tonight we acted like drill sergeants and made him do jumping jacks, running, push ups, and sit ups. We had a good laugh with a 4 year olds interpretation at all those maneuvers. James never gave up - just kept saying, "what's next?!"

Tomorrow there's 100% chance of rain so it looks like we'll be down in the grass with the worms again.

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  1. I REALLY wanted to do that...but it only runs like 6 weeks and I'll just be getting cleared for exercise by the time its over. I hope you guys do it again so I can sign up eventually!


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