May 15, 2008

Over the Moon!!!!!!

We are just so excited. We got the call this afternoon and couldn't be more thrilled.

I am trying to reach everyone by phone to share the details but then decided to post the good news!

She is 2 1/2 months old. Her name is Etame and she is beautiful. I can't post pictures on the Internet but just trust me - she's got big beautiful Ethiopian dark eyes. Very healthy. Lovely, just lovely.

Now the 4 month wait begins!


  1. You are right! She is lovely, beautiful, precious and angelic!

    I can't wait to buy some PINK things!!!

    Congrats! I'm an Auntie again!!

  2. O my gosh this is awesome news!!!!! I am so happy for your family. Can you believe this moment is finally here. Please send me pictures, I have to see this beautiful angel.
    Keep me updated on your travel plans.


  3. Oh, fantastic news!!! Congratulations. I so wish we could see pictures. I'm sure she's just breathtaking. I wish you a speedy process to your baby girl.
    Stacey (Holt BB)

  4. Trisha,

    Just saw your post about Etame. Huge congratulations!It seems like the day will never come and then finally it does!


  5. Trisha,
    Yes what a happy day for both of us. I think that would be great if we can travel together. No we haven't received our acceptance packet yet either hopefully soon. Your little one a absolutely beautiful. Congrats! Now that waiting again.


  6. Hey I wanna see a picture! Can you e-mail it to me? Or maybe I can come over and see it. : )


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