August 29, 2008

"I liked everything"

That's what James came home exclaiming today. He even like nap time and he especially liked Spanish. I was wondering how he was learning so much Spanish so quickly and why he liked it so well. A friend then said, "well did you see the Spanish teacher?" I was confused. She said she's beautiful and young. That explains it. James has been talking about a couple "schoolmates" and says that this one girl doesn't want to sit on the mat next to him because she doesn't like boys. I hope James isn't tormenting her.

Lee was able to get home early today and go pick him up with me. It was fun to see Landon introduce him to his teacher and he was so surprised to see him. Then we walked home. That's the best part. Seeing my boy, excited about school, holding his dad's hand as they walk ahead.

Etame is doing fabulous. She went grocery shopping with me today and cooed the entire time up at me. We also went to LL Bean to get James a school tote and she looked up at me from inside the carrier throughout the store. I just love that.

It was a good day, and hopefully that's a sign of a good weekend to come. Happy Long Weekend and Labor Day everyone!

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  1. Aaah, Labor Day Weekend.

    You know what that means...



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