February 14, 2009


James is having his first sleepover, his friend Nathan. James was thrilled and was showing his all of our rituals - all the different prayers we say for dinner, the XBox games, and sword fighting. Lots of activity in our house tonight. Good thing Lee is gone or he would have shut himself in a room all evening.

I also heard James saying to him downstairs, "I am real happy you are here" which made my heart melt. He has been a pretty good host, except for getting a bit wild (Nathan is a few years older which is the only reason I am not going crazy right now). I had to explain to him a couple times how to be gracious when having a friend stay the night. Good lessons. Good friend.


  1. Is that Nathan from Himalayan House?

  2. Oh wait, Andrew just pointed out to me that it's Nathan P. I am goofy and have obviously had too much wine!


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