February 22, 2009

The Coupon Trip

KMart in our area is doubling coupons up to $2. $2! So my beloved coupon conspirator, sensei, and neighbor and I headed out this afternoon. We didn't make it home until 5 hrs later. Yes, we spent over 3 hrs in a fluorescent-ridden store searching out the deals. Since this was my first time all out couponing, I was amazed. There were so many free and nearly free items and I stocked up. I saved half of my bill!

It was not without laughs. It took a good 15 -20 minutes for the clerk to ring up my items and then as I swiped my debit card, the whole screen on the register went blank and started to reboot. I had nuked the machine! Good thing I had my friend to laugh with because by then there were several people behind me and I was starting to get nervous.

Here I am showing Lee how impressed I was with myself and my savings. I bought lots of cleaning supplies and personal products. Some food and baby stuff as well. Since the register died during my transaction, the manager had to print a huge receipt on the old dot matrix printer from the back of the store. Too funny.

Here's the proof:

Most things were $.99 and some were free. Free! A few were more than $1 but not much more. Lee now has 14 deodorants. He's now wondering how bad he smells and how many years it will take for him to go through it all.

Crazy. I am totally addicted.

On the way out, the man in the first picture was looking at us strangely (must have been all the commotion we were causing) as we were taking the picture. I said, "This will be great for Oprah" joking. He caught us in the parking lot and casually said, "Oprah huh?". "Yes" I replied... "Watch for us".


  1. I love it. Glad I was able to teach you my ways! It's addicting...beware!

  2. Isn't it the best knowing how much you saved?? I try to put it all aside for one big ticket item.


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