March 24, 2009

Once a Month Cooking Update

We have been using our meals from our Once a Month Cooking event. I've been asked from a few people how we are enjoying these meals.

I especially like the Mexican "un"stuffed Shells, Pizza Roll-ups, WW Orange Spice Muffins, and Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes. The Shepherd's Pie and Mandarin Orange Chicken were not my favorite. I should have known. Even though I was almost sure these would not be our favorites, I'm very "by the book" and had to make them because the menu plan said so. I've learned and in future months will only make the meals I am sure our family will enjoy.

Another lesson learned: This "March Menu" was really intended by the Once a Month Cooking site authors to be made at the end of March to be eaten in April. You have the recipes and therefore shopping list at the beginning of March so you have the full month to shop for the deals in grocery stores before your cooking day. I will keep this in mind for the future as they have nicely coordinated recipes according to what may be on sale for the month (i.e. ham and eggs on sale near Easter so more recipes including these ingredients).

It is amazing to not have to think about what to fix for dinner. That is the greatest benefit. By the end of the day, I am in no creative state of mind to be able to pull together a fantastic dinner. This has tremendously helped in this aspect.

Etame is having tubes put in her ears (early!) tomorrow morning. I'm anxious about making it there on time, 2 kids in tow. Wish us luck.

Oh, and James' funny quote for the day... He was throwing a fit because I was making him brush his teeth. While laying on the ground at the top of the stairs kicking his feet, he yells, "Ohhhh, I'll bet Jesus is really mad at you right now".

Gotta give him credit - he goes straight to the top!


  1. OH! I didn't know about her tubes! Best of luck getting everyone there on time!

  2. I'm from the yahoo group, and I check your blog every now and then. I just got finished cooking my meals for the month! It was a chore, but I also am really excited about not having to be creative. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I did the March menu this weekend and so far am loving it. The raspberry chicken was really flavorful (I would never of thought to marinate chicken in raspberry) and the pizza roll ups were a hit with my boys.

  4. I love this concept and I am going to go to this site and check it out right now. I have been trying to get a couple of my friends together to do this cooking once a month business. I may just do it myself. the blog and my blog Or you could just scroll to the bottom of my profile and click on my blogs.


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