May 22, 2009

Last Day of School

Today was Landon's last day at his preschool and for that, we had a party at the park! The weather is perfect, in the 80s with a light breeze. Clear skies. Bring on summer! The pool opens tomorrow too.

His two favorite teachers. Can you spot the difference in these two photos?

Teachers gifts that I was sewing late last night. Procrastination anyone? They turned out beautifully I think. Lined with contrasting fabric. They will be a go-to gift in the future.

While on a sewing roll, I finished up a shirt I was making for Landon. I appliqued this monster onto a plain tee. He drew the monster on a shirt so it's his own creation for all the world to see.


  1. What are the teacher's gifts? Sachets or something? They are super cute. Look at you all craft McCrafterson.

  2. Yes, the pictures didn't really describe them as well as I had hoped. They are lined with contrasting fabric, have a cool ribbon tab on each, and are pleated so they can carry quite a bit of makeup or artist supplies. The note is written on the back of each letter card that I attached to each bag. I bought those at Athropologie years ago.


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