May 24, 2009

New York City Birthday Weekend

I was seriously spoiled last weekend when two of my best friends Monica and Michelle flew in from the west coast to spend my birthday weekend with me. I love you guys! We drove up from Baltimore and when we checked into the hotel, upon telling them it was my birthday and my friends were here for me, they upgraded us to the 55th floor in a mini-suite. Fabulous!

Overlooking ground zero construction. You can start to make out where each building and memorial will be located.

The Brooklyn Bridge

China Town.
We walked a lot!

I wish I had pictures of us in Walgreens at midnight, buying bandaids and flip flops! Oh, I also don't have pictures of us staying out 'til 2:30 in the morning while Monica (never fail) got picked up on. When we told the maitre d' how old we were and that we were married with kids, he asked if we were cougars. Well, not exactly. haha

Doughnut Plant.
Didn't live up to it's hype but it was fun to see the unique flavors - here, rose petal donuts.

Enjoying our massive, messy donuts

Riding the subways.
Oh, how I would love to live here. The energy, the simplicity in so many ways.

Our shopping loot.
We scored some good deals and found salespeople to be very friendly.

View from the freeway on the way home where we spent 1 1/2 hrs going 7 miles just leaving the city. Luckily the conversation was the best part of the trip and we were able to catch up. It was such a great time and I am truly honored to have such caring friends who want to spent time with me, enough to leave their families and small children and fly across the country for the weekend. This will definitely be an annual event. Girls weekend away that is.

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