September 21, 2009

"Big Red"

Here is Calvin and Etame on "Big Red", our new tractor that came with the house. It's a bit complicated to run and it seems plenty powerful for us!

Most of the neighbors have a similar tractor. They put them to use in the forest too, pulling trailers behind them full of wood or debris. We just give the kids rides on ours.

Landon says it's not as fun as Papa's though, since our yard is not as big. Etame seemed to love it though - her first time on a tractor.

Look out neighborhood - the Coys are getting countrified!

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  1. Did you guys move into a new house?? I cant believe how big your kiddo are and how cute!! It has been forever reading blogs and trying to catch up a little. Do you still have your papers in the China line?? Drop me a line! :-)


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