September 19, 2009

New Laundry Hamper

I'm not the laundry person in my house. Thank goodness I married someone who is very particular about how he likes his clothes folded. He does most all of our laundry and boy are we thankful!

But sewing, that's my territory. So when Landon's hamper looked like this, I knew something needed to be done. The IKEA vinyl lining had seen it's day.

So I sewed up a new bag insert from pillow ticking which I found appropriate.

I then used my Crocodile puncher to put rivets through the material so I could tie up the ends with ribbon.

Much prettier, don't you think?

Mission accomplished. Onto the next project... some gifts, pants for Landon, and possibly a new backpack as well! His other may have to be handed down to Etame as it is proving too small.

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  1. too cute, I want anyone to be fussy about anything here, well maybe not fussy just helpful. LOL


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