September 17, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Landon is settling in as a full time kindergartner. I think he is enjoying all the social aspects of it the most.

At the front door, refraining from running off down towards the bus.

Daddy stayed home later just to see him off.

His new neighbor friend moving in this weekend whom happens to be in his very class!

We actually missed the bus because the bus driver wasn't used to stopping at their stop (they had a gradual entry) so I took him into school and saw that he made it okay.

Here comes the bus! At this point these days, Etame is screaming with anticipation.

Welcome home! Landon's favorite part of the day is riding the bus where he meets all kinds of new friends.

We're free, we're free!


  1. Looks like he had a great time!

  2. Great pictures! I remember like it was yestrday and now mine are in High School. Enjoy, it goes too fast.

  3. Looks like he had fun although that bus driver looks like he's ready to push him down the steps :)


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