January 1, 2010

Birthday Present and Travel Gift

I have been working on two projects this week.  The first is a long-overdue birthday present for my good friend Cecile.  A summer tunic from this book, that has an Anthropologie feel to it (one of my favorite stores).

I bought this fabric at a flea market in PA when we moved to Maryland.  It is very good quality and washed so well that it didn''t even need ironing, and it is 100% cotton.  The button is also vintage, one of many that I purchased from a friend in book club at the Locust Point yard sale a couple years ago.

I love this shirt and can't wait to give it to Cecile.

The second project that I quickly whipped up this morning was a case for Calvin's new Kindle, a birthday present I got him.  He wanted something to keep his new toy from getting scratched and I offered to make a case for him.  Surprisingly, he agreed.  So I made a flannel-lined envelope with button closure...

The flannel has different manly drinks pictured all over, such as this - "Scotch - on the rocks".  I found it humurous and manly at the same time.  I purchased this fabric at Knittin' Kitten, a vintage fabrics store in Portland, OR, which is a regular stop of mine when I visit.

The button is a special find all the way from Ethiopia which has special meaning to us.  It is from an old army uniform, as the person at the little shop told us.

Now onto more projects - cushions for the wing-back chairs!


  1. You continue to amaze me! I'm still jealous that you got the creative gene!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love what you've made and now need to search out that book! Good for Ann for bringing us together.

  3. Wow, what talent!!!

    Im having my first blog GIVEAWAY!!! Come by and say Hello!!


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