January 4, 2010

Chair Mini-Makeover

Remember this chair from my "before" picture of our family room?  We have had these chairs for over 3 years and I bought them with the intention of recovering them.  I paid $150 for the two identical wing back chairs on Craigslist shortly after we moved to Baltimore.  Then I didn't do anything with them. Recovering is expensive, and although I could attempt it myself, it looks pretty difficult on these.

So instead I recovered the seat cushions.  I had purchased a lovely creamy yellow over Thanksgiving at my favorite fabric store, A Fabric Place, when my mom was here.  I finally got around to making them yesterday and finished them today!

Here is the after shot:

Here is a close-up:

Thrilling, right?   I think so!  Even though it's not a permanent solution, I do feel good that I reused the zippers from the old cushions and the foam/batting too after bleaching and washing them very well.  I'm inspired lately by a book my mom Santa sent for Christmas, A Handmade Home, that encourages reusing items already in your home.  It's a great book - one of those that you could look through again and again and again and find ideas.  That is my favorite type of gift.

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