February 2, 2010


I went to play tennis today and left Etame in the childcare with the sweet lady there, who happens to be African American, and I'm always asking her for hair advice.

So when I come to pick her up, here's what she looked like!

Only she had only done half her hair. I begged her to do the rest, because I didn't have a clue. I made the poor lady work for another half hour while I watched her french braid and then connect the braids down to the bottom. We did run out of time, so I had to finish up the top part at home - it was all fuzzy on top in a square - too funny!

I really do like the result and may have to try more of this now. It's not easy working with those tiny strands of hair. I used creamy baby oil in it and finally, something actually penetrated her curls. I may have to just use that from now on.

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  1. Look how cute she is!! Love the hair.

    Hey Im in the process of designing an African inspired necklaces to raise funds. I would like it to appeal to families that adopt from Africa. Can I send you some pics and get your opinion before I put it on my blog?? Thanks.


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