February 5, 2010

Completed Projects for January and February

Yes, I've been sewing! Here are some of my projects in the past month.

A baby gift for a good friend who just had a little baby girl. The baby quilt out of flannel is a tradition in our family and all the children have them. My sister Shila kept the tradition going and then I jumped on board too. Now it's my go-to baby gift. Thoughtful, familiar, and fairly quick. I included a Haba rattle because I know the mom would appreciate it and it's so darn adorable.

Here are matching scarves for Calvin and Landon out of this beautiful wool that I had tagged for this since last year when I got it on sale. Calvin actually requested this and they turned out to be super easy. I frayed the ends and double-fold hemmed the sides. Landon's is a bit thinner.

This is a skirt I made for Etame for our Valentine's Day playgroup party that we are hosting next week. I hope she doesn't even gain an ounce for it fits her just barely. It was inspired by a skirt I saw in the Olive Juice Kids catalog. Well, their latest spring catalog has a gingham skirt identical to one that I made for Etame last year. Maybe they were inspired by me too? I can only dream. I heart Olive Juice Kids.

Now I am attempting my biggest project of all time - an evening gown! That's right. I am crazy. With the help of my friend Michelle, I picked out a dress that I want to make. It's charcoal gray. The inspiration is $570 at Neiman Marcus so if I can make it for $120 (the price of fabric + thread + zipper) it will be more than a success, and I can spend the remainder on a killer pair of Manolos - AS IF! Anyhow, I'll keep you apprised of my progress as I curse my way through it and call my mom every hour to let her know my achievements and ask her more questions!


  1. Bennet loves his flannel blanket that you made for him!

    I love Etame's skirt!

    The dress is gorgeous. If anyone can pull it off, its you!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog...thanks for teh link to olive juice...nope not my garlands...i had never seen that site before. thanks.
    happy weekend!

  3. Wow, such talent!! I love love that skirt!!!


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