February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Landon and Etame woke up to little Valentine's gifts. We spent the day running around to Costco and returning our Wii which is broken. Fun, eh?

At one point, when Landon was getting dressed, he said, "You are wearing red, I am wearing red, Etame is wearing red, and you even have a red pimple right there." Nice.

But I did get lots of love from the kids and from Calvin, who sent me a dozen red roses all the way from Los Angeles! They are beautiful and were waiting in front of the garage when we returned home.

We hosted Valentine's Day Playgroup at our house yesterday which was very fun. Etame was able to fit into her new skirt and her matching heart collared shirt worked very well with it - thanks Mom!

Next up - birthdays!

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