June 22, 2010

June Bugs

The nightly tradition around here is to go out around 8:30 and catch fireflies (or june bugs).

It's quite magical to see them flying all through the yards when it's so quiet outside, and even more magical to see the boys out trying to catch them.

Landon has been keeping a few in the jar each night in his room and then letting them out in the morning.  But this morning he came running downstairs declaring that 5 of them were gone.  Uh, what?  Yeah, he only opened the jar for a little bit and then he put it back on. 

So that part of the tradition may be discontinuing.

Still, it's fun to see memories being made and quality time being spent.

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  1. I have never seen one of these. Truthfully I had sort of written them off as fictional much like Bigfoot. Do they really light up? These are things this Northwest native needs to get to the bottom of :)


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