June 24, 2010

New Life at the Coys

We have new life on the Coy property, symbolic, since we are preparing for a new life within our family too.

The little brown bird that has taken home in Landon's gourd he painted, drilled, and strung up last fall, has had babies!

There are several of them in there.  This little brown bird mama inspires me with her constant feeding of the little chicks. 

They have their mouths open each time I look at them, at least three times a day, and mama flies back and forth bringing them crickets, small worms, and flies.  Since we are only a couple feet away from their nest, we can see it all up close.

It's nothing like we've ever seen.  I suppose they will try to fly soon.  I will be as nervous as that mama bird when they take flight.


  1. Oh my gosh - what great pictures! They're beautiful!

  2. How fun to be so close and able to watch it all!

  3. Great camera! and lovely birds! So nice to commune with nature.
    Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon. Maybe I'll see you at the Peter's farewell party?
    Don't know if you've heard, but George and I are expecting shortly after you. We're due Dec. 3rd-what is your due date?

  4. They took flight. Now they are all gone, which is sad. We came home one day and Landon spotted four of them at least all over the mulch, scurrying around, trying to fly up the sides of the house. I suppose they have all gone on to make families of their own now.


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