January 20, 2011


I made my first diaper and finished it a couple nights ago.  I don't intend on solely cloth diapering and I'm not even sure I will prefer to do it at all, but I had to try.

I used this pattern that I bought at Bolt in Portland over the summer. It was not easy but fun to try something different and quite a change from the big projects (drapes!) I've been sewing as of late.

The fit seems to be a bit small on Tosca.  Her legs are chubbing up I guess.  But still, the pattern must run small.  I tried it out on her today.  We went to a playdate at my friend Sara's house and I noticed Tosca was having a "movement".  I panicked.  I didn't think the diaper was absorbent for one of her infamous blowouts, so I rushed her to the toilet.  Sara was laughing so hard at me trying to potty train my 3 month old!  All was well but I'm going to need a few of these to even make a dent in all the disposables we use.  The cloth diapers are not as absorbent as disposables but they are so much softer and colorful which I love.

She looks pretty happy with herself, don't you think?  I thrifted this beautiful knitted button sleeper many months before she was born.  It's very warm and of course I love all things vintage - oh the history!


  1. Love the diapers! I did cloth mostly with my first two. Love them. I will try to make a few too.

  2. We live in Iowa. Bummer! It would be nice to be neighbors. Well if you're ever in Davenport, Iowa stop over with your beautiful family:) I have family on the east coast, but don't get there very often. You're family is beautiful:) I also highly suggest an attached hose to your toliet for the cloth diapers in case you don't have one.


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