February 13, 2011

The Derby

Landon had his cub scout Derby race a few weekends ago.  It was a BIG deal.  We didn't realize, or we may have researched a bit more.  Yep, we didn't know you had to put graphite on the axles to make the wheels spin faster and add weight to the car in any way to give it speed down the ramp.

You would think Calvin would know all this, he is an Eagle Scout after all.  But times have probably changed.  He worked with Landon to build this car and it turned out just as Landon wanted.  At the last minute we added some coins as weight.  Foreign coins.  Fitting, since we're such an international family and Calvin travels so often.

The races took all morning and much popcorn and soda were sold I'm sure (to our family).

The cars were all so different and interesting to see and guess at their inspiration.  Landon's "den" is so active, always having tours and outings.  He absolutely loves it.  He may actually be getting a uniform for his birthday.

Onto the next event which is sleeping on a battleship.  I will not be attending, but the "boys" are terribly excited as they should be.

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