February 16, 2011

THE Quilt!

This quilt or recently waiting-to-be-finished-for-10-years quilt is done!!!!  Yep.  I have been working on this lovely for 10 years, since we were newly married.

Over the course of those 10 years, we started calling it the infamous quilt and I was heckled (hello Amy) for having this long overdue unfinished project.  It has moved with us twice and even traveled cross country last year.

Part of the reason it has taken so long to finish is when I started it (in late 2000) I decided to hand quilt it all.  It's a full size and so hand quilting each stitch meant I carried around a needle, thimble, quilting thread with me whenever I worked on it.  I even took it to the beach last summer and tried to do it while sitting watching the kids.  My friends' children asked if I had a jar of jam since my hand-quilting kit is carried nicely in a jam container.

Well I'm finished and I love the final result!  It's surprisingly still current mostly because of the simplicity and white involved.  Plus, I chose pink for the binding which of course I'm really into right now.  So now I'm busy working on Mr. Penguin (going on 3 years), which is a good knitting project to do in front of the TV.  Stay tuned as it is nearly finished - just a scarf and hat to go!


  1. It's beautiful! I remember you telling me about this long ago - I bet you're excited that it's finished! It's good to hear that you keep projects unfinished for long periods of time. Sometimes I put one aside and start a new one and then feel guilty. But, if my sewing mentor doesn't, then neither should I!

  2. Congrats..or should I say it's about time. :) Seriously, it is beautiful and I am in awe that you had the patience to sit and hand quilt that whole thing.


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