February 9, 2011

Family Update

Some things as of late:

- I have been so tired I put Cumin on Landon's "Cinnamon" toast.

- 2 out of 3 kids were sick yesterday.  Now 2 out of 3 different kids are sick.  Will we always be on a constant rotation?

- I have only watched the promos of Portlandia on Hulu and it is hilarious and captures the extreme Portland to a T.  "Portland - it's like where people in their 30s go to retire" and "Put a bird on it and call it art".  Love it!

- Am trying different hair styles on Etame and getting much better and quicker.

- Started up Car Seat Traveler again.  I love to talk travel so it suites me well.  Check it out.

- I've been sewing and knitting.  Stay tuned for completed projects (yay!)

- One more month until weekly tennis again. So excited.

- Calvin's taking more responsibility on at work.  Work hours and travel will probably increase (not fun).

Hope all of you are well friends.  It's such a kick when I am getting to know someone and they say they've read our blog!

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  1. Glad you guys are doing well. We sure miss you! I'm exhausted with two - I have no idea how you're doing it with three!

    Mmmm, cumin toast.


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