February 7, 2011

Home Bound Craft Days

Well we had a few home days and filled them up with playing with friends and crafting.  We still have snow covering the ground.  It's pretty but I'm getting tired of the cold and dreary days.  Time for some sun!  And outdoor tennis!

So here's how we spent some of our house bound moments.  First, we danced...

We do a lot of dancing in our house.

Then we danced some more.  In our pj's.  Then I decided we should get some craft on.  So I looked around for what we had and found several spices that were expired or just plain old.

We used them as glitter to create pictures on paper.

We used white glue to make our designs first.  I helped Etame.

Then we sprinkled different spices on the glue.   Etame wasn't actually asking for help from Landon, but apparently he thought she need some.

Then we set them aside to dry and dumped off all the extra spices into a big bowl.


Later, we admired our work.  The smell too.  Funny enough, Landon thought cocoa was the worst smelling spice.

Thanks to my sister for some great ideas on inexpensive home crafts.  It inspired me to look around the house as what we have and use that.  Homemade play dough is also on our list of things to do.  Next snowstorm.

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