February 17, 2011


I added a couple sidebar sections, for those of you not reading in Google Reader.  (Come out of reader and take a look if you are).  There are three new sections: "knitting..." and "sewing...".  I thought it would be fun to see what projects are one my machine or on my needles at each moment.

Oh I also want to add "reading..." which I will do soon.  I'd like to share what books we are enjoying.  Of course most of these will be kids books because that is what we tend to read about here, although I am starting, "The girl with the dragon tatoo".  Has anyone read that?  There seems to be so much buzz about it and I hear they are filming a movie.  So I thought it must be good.  It's a slow start I have to be honest.  But hopefully it will pick up and be as riveting as the reviews make it out to be.

Able to sleep through anything and crash anywhere...

I'm hoping to make a little tote bag for Etame for school.  Something like this (I will get to Purl NYC someday).  It seems so simple and perfect for her to take along to pre-pre-preschool to hold all her beautiful art she brings home.  I love the Kokka fabric but I'm on a use-your-stash mission so no new buying for me unless I need it.  And I mean need.

Poor Etame.  She has to have her third ear surgery next week.  These tubes have been a nightmare.  I hope it all goes smoothly.  She had a rough day today too.  We went to Trader Joe's and she was hanging on the side of the grocery cart.  Well Tosca was in the carrier up top in the seat part and the whole cart was tipped over to its side, pinning Etame underneath.  Tosca was fine in her "pod" but Etame hurt her hand.  I have to hand it to the Trader Joe people, who always seem friendly anyway.  They got her two fruit leathers, a bag of peas wrapped up in towels for her hand, and lots of attention.  I was traumatized on the other hand.  Completely shaken up with all the attention and worry.  But all is well and she now has a Dora band aid on her and is sleeping soundly.

Well off to sew before another little one wakes up.  Uh oh - too late.

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