March 8, 2011

Mr. Penguin

Creative name, right?  I have been knitting this penguin for over two years!  Yes, I like to string projects along.  I started this to give to Etame, even before we had her referral.  Calvin, Landon, and I went on a cruise with my parents down to South America and I thought it was appropriate and funny to start to create a penguin to give to our soon-to-be-daughter from Ethiopia.

It has been so fulfilling to make goals this month and finish off some long-lasting projects!  Creating should be fun, but when you have too many unfinished (WIPs) hanging over your head, it feels overwhelming.  Plus, the husband gets tired of seeing my projects left on the couch for weeks on end.

I always thought knitting anything other than a scarf was too much for me.  But the step by step instructions from a good book made it easy for me to do it piece by piece.  I love the result.  I get so protective of these creations that I have spend so much time on, that I have a hard time letting the kids play with them and take them off the shelf!

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