March 5, 2011

The Tooth PIllow

Our little boy lost his very first tooth on his 7th birthday!  He has been waiting over two years for this exact occasion and so of course we had to treat it with celebration.  respect.  delicacy.

Some sewing was in order.  We needed a pillow to house the tooth!

I pulled this together in a bit more than an hour I guess.  It's a football as requested by Landon.  It's not a baked potato, which I'm aware of its close resemblance.  I was all set to make this monster pillow to hold his tooth, but then I had to go rogue when talk of a football came up.

I used my Crop-A-Dile tool to make the grommets.  I picked it up years ago at Costco, of all places.  then I strung yarn through the holes.  I used the free-motion foot on my machine to do the lettering and tooth outline.  The little pouch holds the tooth, and the moolah!

So I gave it to Landon with the tooth all tucked in there.  When I The Tooth Fairy went in to exchange the tooth for the money, she couldn't find the pillow!  Finally after some searching, she found it deep under his pillow.  She tried to pull it out and... he sat straight up in bed.  The Tooth Fairy was panicked!  Would she be seen?  Just as she was planning her escape, he crashed back down on the pillow and immediately started snoring again.  Relief!

He was so excited that he woke up at 1:30 in the morning and came running in our room, "The Tooth Fairy left me $2!" and hopped in with us.  It's like he was more excited for this than Christmas.  Seriously excited.

Then at school he not only got to hear his name over the morning announcements for his birthday but he was looking forward to getting sung "the tooth song" by the class.  So sweet, the important things in a 7 year old's world.

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