September 13, 2011

Mr. Hal

While we were away this summer, we got some very sad news.  Our 89 year-old neighbor, Hal passed away.  He loved the kids and was a most interesting man, doing everything in his life from being a world class ballroom dancer to managing a bank.  He was a hard worker and always willing to help out if we needed something.  The kids loved Mr. Hal too, always waving to him on our way to the bus yelling out, "Hi Mr. Hal!" although he could hardly hear at all.

One time I locked myself out of the house and sure enough, he had the keys.  Around here, he was known as "Mayor of the Garth", referencing the court we live on.  Another time I need help putting in the drywall in our bathroom and he brought over his jig saw and nearly scared me to death as I watched him try to saw a board, the saw blade coming so close to his leg.  He was a tough man and had been through a lot, orphaned at a young age.  Someone to respect and admire.

He was hospitalized earlier this year and during his stay decided he needed an iTouch so he could play Solitare.  I helped him hook up his email and find his way around the modern gadget but really all he wanted to do was play games.

Mr. Hal will be missed greatly by all of those who knew him.

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  1. How sweet that you knew you neighbor so well and he made such a mark on your life. What a wonderful tribute to him.


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