September 21, 2011

Rose's Quilt!

Just before we left for Oregon this summer, I finished Rose's quilt!  I was so anxious to give it to her and packed it away, it taking up most of one of the suitcases (the Under Armour stuff taking up the other half).  Rose joined my sister's family this year, from China and makes a wonderful vibrant addition to my sister's family.

Here is the finished product...

One of my objectives was to use fabric mostly from my stash.  All the color and even the linen backing was what I had on hand.  I did purchase all the white - Kona cotton - for the background.

I designed the quilt, which took a lot more thought and dimension figuring out than I anticipated.  Real quilters must be quite the mathematicians I've decided.  The squares each represent my sister Ann's children/family, from oldest to youngest, with Rose having a little heart on her special square.

The pink flowers were for the girls, and the blue for the boys.  Up top I appliqued a momma and daddy flower growing together.  They have nine children in their family - nine!  Which made a perfect nine patch and a top border.

I actually forgot to take a full picture of the backing.  this shows the border and a strip of pink squares with the same fabrics I used for the flowers.  I machine quilted the layers using a flower design.  This was a risk since I had never tried any other machine quilting besides stippling.  But I loved the result right away.  Little subtle flowers and waves throughout.

I bundled it all up and tied it with a ribbon. 

I hope she enjoys it and gets much use out of it as well!


  1. Such an incredible gift with so much meaning! I've been intending to blog about it too--but keep waiting for Em to send me the pics off her camera! This is a treasure that Rose will always have. Thank you, thank you! She is blessed to have an auntie who loves her so very much!

  2. She is one lucky girl that is an awesome quilt!!! I love to quilt and the best part of a quilt is the story behing it and yours if so heartfelt and meaningful. A real treasure

  3. Thanks Ann and Stacey! It was so enjoyable to make the quilt while thinking of Rose. She is a treasure to our family and I hope this will be a treasure for her for years.


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