October 18, 2011

Who Needs a Banister Anyhow?

We do!  With a one year old sliding down the stairs several times a day, we need something to keep her from going over the edge. Calvin has been working hard on creating a banister for us since I took down the old iron ones when removing the wallpaper.

Here's one of the banisters that he got up a few weeks ago.

I picked up the hooks when in Oregon at this store in Hood River called "At Home on Oak Street".  I love that little store.  I don't always find something but it's one of those places that you go into and wish you could make your own house feel that cozy.  Nice things and she's a great buyer.  Anyhow, there's one hook for each of the children.  I realized I hadn't explained that to them until this morning, hence the reason they still couldn't find their things easily even though they were right there!

Here's another before/during shot...

Here's the after... 

Who's that pretty girl peeking around the corner?!  Little Miss likes the new entry.  Now we can see outside better too since we took down the decorative iron covering the storm door windows.

Calvin's now working on getting the railing built for going up the stairs.  The post is in!  Now we just need the railings... progress...


  1. I miss you. AND, I love the hooks, and the idea of one for each kid. I'm trying to think of where in my house to put them...

  2. super designed.....can u tell the detail about adoption..?


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