January 24, 2012

Craft Station

At Etame's preschool conference last week, her teacher suggested we make a craft station for her to have her own coloring area.  She then described how she used little trays for her daughter and friends for portable crafting.  So, I took this tray that we were going to throw out (from IKEA) and I picked up two little galvanized buckets from IKEA on my latest trip, and created this:

It was a big challenging to affix the buckets to the tray.  I tried hot glue but it didn't take.  So I ended up drilling through the bucket and tray and putting a bolt through the center.

The bolts stuck out a bit on the under side, so I used the Dremel tool with the metal circular cutter attachment to saw them off.  A hack saw would probably work too.  I gave it a couple coats of turquoise spray paint and it was done.

Etame was able to try it out right away since she had "homework".  She was beyond excited for this homework, mind you.  Landon looked at her like she was crazy when she exclaimed, "I have homework!' so happily.

She carried her new tray over to the table and colored her mask for her homework.  She loves all things school related.  Loves her friends, her teacher, and the independence of it all.

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  1. You are Bobbi the Builder extraordinaire!!! Wow! I need some of those jeans (genes) :-)

    Love ya, and love all the updates!


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