January 20, 2012


Remember these Wingback chairs from way back when?  Here's just one of them.  I bought them off of Craigslist a few years ago with the intention of reupholstering them someday.  Well they intimidated me for long enough until one day I came across Miss Mustard Seed's ideas on slipcovers and she has a great tutorial on it too.  I followed the videos step by step.

Until eventually I was finished!  As she suggested, I used drop cloths for the fabric.  Cheap and easy to work with.

The second one went much easier...

Probably because my confidence was higher.  They're loose but that's okay.  I like them comfy looking.  The piping made this project a little more challenging but it was worth it to get more definition on the curves.

I ran a strip of sew-on Velcro down the back to keep them closed.  I didn't care for the look of bows so this works just right for me - nice and clean.  Also, I didn't bleach the drop cloth like I've seen suggested.  I like the nubby, linen-look to them.

Oh, and the pillows were made with fabric from IKEA.  Sadly our IKEA doesn't carry fabric any longer (that was short-lived).  I followed Erin's hidden zipper pillowcase tutorial - a very nice tutorial as well.

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