January 9, 2012

Halloween 2011

So I'm a little late posting photos.  Just imagine the kids slightly older now.  More mature, reading Shakespeare, ha!

Here's Tosca in her elephant costume.  Cecile came through for me right before Halloween giving me this costume and the pumpkin one for Etame...

She likes to roll around on the ground, usually wrestling with her older brother.

One of the best parts of Landon's school is this simple costume parade they do by grade level and then they meet on the tennis courts, parents following and sing "witches brew" and some other songs and dances.  Tradition.  I like all sorts of traditions. 

So this was the first year I let him be something scary.  I had him worried he would scare the kindergarteners so he took off his mask frequently.  Or it was just itchy inside. 

The sweet little pumpkin Etame.  Love the scary werewolf behind her.  No idea of that until I saw this picture later.

Tosca, getting ready to ride the wagon round the neighborhood to pick up all the candy...

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