January 12, 2012


So Tosca is changing daily it seems, learning new sounds (not really words yet) and trying to jump and she's running all around.

Home from a recent trip to IKEA, I opened the door to get her out and was alarmed to see her like this:

But then I remembered the chocolate I gave her as we got into the car.  Sweet munchkin.  Etame has taken to telling people her name is "Tosca Bosca Boo" which is our nickname for her of course.  Who would name their child a rhyme?  Funny thought though.

We also call her our clumsy elf and shnookernoodle, in case you're curious.  Also, I've taken the liberty of changing the words to "You are my Sunshine".  A couple lines actually bother me in it, although I love the song and have sung it to all my kids.  "... my only sunshine" and "please don't take my sunshine away".  The first because I have three sunshines, and the second because I imagine women long ago singing it as a pleading because of the high infant mortality rate.  Sad.  So I changed it to:

You are my Sunshine, my Little Sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Oh please shine on me every day

Just suits me better and makes me feel good.  Love this sunshine...

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