October 22, 2012

Etame's Surprise Photos, and Products from Ethiopia

Thank you everyone for all your encouragement on my new business adventure!  I don't intend to make this blog all about that, just so you know.  I am just excited to share with you my newly found interest and why it's rejuvenating me these days. 

Now, some pics of dear Etame...

These are the photos I found on my phone the other day.  Surprise!  Etame's personality comes out through these self portraits.  She is quiet and polite and sweet to all others, but when left on her own, she plays in her imaginary world, silly and funny girl.

She tags along to all of Landon's activities, finding new friends to play with, and (mostly) quietly playing with Tosca or with the toys she brought.

And of course sometimes she plays with my phone (when I'm desperate).  This little baby born from Ethiopia is emerging into a confident, kind, little girl.

I've spoke often in this space and to you personally of someday somehow wanting to combine my talent and interest and love of sewing and my desire to help women and children in Ethiopia.  Here are a few companies that are doing just that and I'm so excited to share.

Noonday Collection - "advocate for the orphan" created by adoptive parents

This is a necklace I particularly liked, made from recycled scrap metal and found war artillery shells.

Ancient Ways Necklace

fashionABLE - "Creating sustainable business for women in Africa"

This organization is all about the scarves.  Beautiful choices of ethnic scarves which remind me of that material I bought when in Ethiopia!

This one is lovely.  I need more Ethiopian fabric, it is decided. Which means a trip back to Ethiopia.  Sigh - someday...


Lastly, there is Lemlem - Created by a supermodel and native of Ethiopia "as a way to inspire economic independence in her native country and to preserve the art of weaving"

I have been following this company for a while.  Their price points are much higher than the others, but they have the style behind them and sell in companies like Neiman Marcus.

They also have children's clothes, which are super adorable!

Omo Dress & Belt

I can't vouch for how much of the profits go back into country or directly help those in need, but I will consider it next time I'd like unique jewelry or outfits for my little girls or myself.  It's important to put our dollars into companies and people making a difference.  I love to support local and small businesses as well as those doing amazing things.  Think what the company Toms has done!  Amazing.  How lucky we are to be able to put our money into people "doing good" while getting great products in return!

If you do end up purchasing something from one of these organizations, I'd love to hear about your experience and appreciation of the goods.

Here's to making a difference!

(thanks to Jones Design Company for sharing two of these great companies on your blog)

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