January 14, 2011

Quiet (and Retail Therapy)

My parents have said goodbye and it was a hard day for me.  The business of projects and lively house during the day came to an end and I was sad.

So today I went shopping!  I bought these Ugg boots (in black), even though I deemed Uggs way too trendy and swore they would soon go out of style... for the past 5 years!

While at the mall, I went by Athropologie, one if my favorite stores to just look around in and pretend like it's my own boudoir (had to look that up to make sure it was what I thought it was... yep!) and see Athro's beautiful window displays.  Today a woman was hot glue gunning paper ruffled to a paper skirt on a manikin (had to look that word up too as I couldn't remember to spell it for the life of me).  The skirt was lovely already and Etame was really interested in it too.  Anyhow, while in there I saw a great book on family dinners which I had seen before and have it in mind for a good friend who cooks up dinner for us each week (hope she's not reading this).  I almost bought it but Etame had to go to the bathroom and the line was long.  So I put it down and later, I whipped out my iPhone and ordered it on Amazon for a few dollars less!

Of course, I can't ever go to Amazon without buying things off of my wishlist so I also bought a couple sewing books that I had been wanting.  They are so good, those Amazon people, at upselling.  So easy to just add a couple more things that you want - and hey, shipping is then free!  So it's worth it!

So I was a bit of a consumer today.  I won't mention the sale items I bought at Williams-Sonoma.  Pantry items to make my dinner cooking evenings a bit easier, and Harney and Sons tea.  My mother-in-law bought us English Breakfast tea from Starbucks many years ago that was this brand and it was delicious.  Seriously, a treat.  I used to think tea was tea and it was all the same.  Not so.  The aroma and taste are really a treat.  The little square canister is a keepsake too.

Retail therapy worked for me today, it worked hard for me today.  :-)

Now movie night tonight at the church and snow tubing tomorrow!  And GO RAVENS!!!!!!

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  1. I love uggs! They're so cute and easy to pull off. My mom just broke down and got a pair too :)


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